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Presented by Redwood City Friends of Literacy

Join us in 2021

for the 31st

Trivia BEE!

  Hors d’oeuvre & Raffle 6:30pm | Trivia BEE 7:30pm  

Do you play Trivia with your friends and family? Are you THE source of knowledge and information for your colleagues? If so, come play the Trivia Bee with us! Get two of your friends, colleagues or family members to join you to compete for the coveted title of Trivia Champion of Redwood City.


Space is limited, so sign up now!


Online ticket sales end Wed. 11/9/19. Tickets available to purchase at the BEE.

For 30 years Redwood City Friends of Literacy (RCFOL) has supported Project READ Redwood City with its annual Trivia Bee. The Trivia Bee is RCFOL's method of raising funds for the award-winning volunteer-based  Project READ  literacy program housed at the Redwood City public Library. Project READ provides free literacy services to adults, youth and families. 


Redwood City Friends of Literacy is the non-profit fundraising board for Project READ Redwood City.






Queen Bee


  • 30 complimentary event tickets

  • 2 Teams

Your donation supports Project Read's most in need students with glasses, hearing aids, and learning evaluations.

Honey Bee


Bumble Bee


Your donation supports instructional aids and learning materials for youth and adults in our program.

  • 18 complimentary event tickets

  • 2 Teams

Your donation supports monthly story hours and Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math (STEAM) programs.

  • 6 complimentary event tickets

  • 2 Teams

BEE's Keepers


  • 3 complimentary event tickets

  • 1 Team

Your donation provides literacy support, materials, and supplies for learners.

Trivia BEE Champions

2019 Champion 

Sigma Phi Nothing

2nd Place:  ZAP Think Tank

3rd Place: Minds Over Matter

Past Champions

2002 The Ineffables

2018 Meltzer, Biddiscombe

         & Czechowski

2017 ZAP Think Tank

2016 ZAP Think Tank

2001 Crystal Springs


2000 The Ineffables

2015 ZAP Think Tank

2014 Sigma Phi Nothing

1999 The Ineffables

2013 The Ineffables

1998 Siemens Business

         Communications Systems

2012 Meltzer, Czechowski

         & Rodgers 

1997 The Ineffables

1996 The Ineffables

2011 Zap Think Tank

2010 Zap Think Tank

1995 The San Francisco


2009 The Ineffables

1994 The San Francisco


2008 The Ineffables

1993 The Ineffables

2007 SRI International

1992 The Ineffables

2006 The Ineffables

1991 Ropers Majeski

2005 SRI International

1990 Minds Over Matter

2004 The Ineffables

1989 Minds Over Matter

Buzz Rules

1. Each team consists of three members with the Team Captain as the team spokesperson.

2. One point is given for each correct answer.

3. There are no penalties for wrong answers.

4. Each new round starts at zero.

5. The Qualifying Round consists of 30 questions.

6. The 15 Teams with the highest score will compete in the 
Semi-final Round of 15 Questions.

7. The Final Round for the top 5 teams will have a total of 7 questions.

8. The game moves to the Sudden Death Round only if there is a tie for 1st, 2nd or 3rd place.

Sample Questions

A person who suffers from aquagenic urticaria breaks out in hives when he or she comes in contact with what?

Name the Benedictine monk who made a significant contribution to the development of champagne.

Name California's state song.

What is the national animal of Scotland?

What was the first exclusively paperback bookstore in the United States?

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