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Youth Literacy

One-on-one tutoring and small group instruction (Hybrid: online/in-person)

Project READ's youth services include tutoring programs for low-income and learning-challenged children in grades K-12 who are paired one-on-one with trained literacy tutors from the community, as well as a youth tutoring program that improves reading skills in our young learners, while building self confidence in both our students and teen tutors. We also provide early intervention programs, where families work together to build their literacy skills. Additionally, we offer enrichment programs and other supplemental learning alternatives, such as computer-assisted learning and language acquisition programs. Our youth programs have directly impacted close to 400 students in the past year, with the average reading growth of 2.0 levels. Using our hybrid learning model we are able to continue one-on-one tutoring and small group programs both on-site and at home.

We embrace holistic and authentic learning at Project READ, focusing on varied learning styles, integrated STEAM curriculum, hands-on learning and SEL. We work toward a whole child approach, understanding the needs and affinities in each of our learners. We have created tutoring and mentoring programs for our teens and preteens with the goals of dropout prevention and college readiness. Youth tutors and learners are mentored and trained throughout the year to help them to improve their own literacy and academic skills. Our youth programs have impacted our greater community by increasing self esteem in our students and enabling students to give back to their community.

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