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Project READ's May Accomplishments

Project Read Youth and Family in Partnership programs (FIP):

Project READ teen tutoring hours for the spring semester totaled 239.5 hours. Matched FIP teen tutors had a total of 56.5 tutoring hours for the semester and the Sequoia Safe teen tutors had a total of 183 tutoring hours for the semester. Many of our FIP students had great academic success this semester. One of Project READ seventh grade learner made the honor roll this semester with a 4.35 gpa. She received a certificate of recognition from President Obama and if she gets straight As next school year she is eligible for a trip to the White House. She was accepted into Language Arts honors for next school year. One of our high school students received an A in her English class for the semester and plans to continue her academics by participating in Project READ’s teen summer reading group. One of our third grade students increased three grade levels in one year and is now reading at grade level.

Project Read Family Literacy Instructional Center (FLIC):

This was an extremely busy and productive school year, and during May we saw our Project READ learners working hard to finish this semester off strong. It was exciting to hear about our students’ progress and accomplishments. Many of Project READ teen tutors and learners are heading off to college, most the first in their families to do so. Several of our graduating seniors have been awarded scholarships based on their community service hours at Project READ and other community organizations. Other teens, both learners and tutors, have been awarded summer internships through Kaiser, Stanford and nonprofit organizations. Our younger students have also shown such growth throughout the year as well. One of our second graders grew 4.5 reading levels in one year. And four of our middle school learners have just signed up to go through our preteen tutor training this summer, using the skills they have learned as learners to tutor younger students.

Project READ Teen/Preteen Tutors Give Back in a BIG Way:

This semester we had over 50 teen and preteens tutors actively tutoring in our program, totalling more than 865 hours of volunteering. These students helped mentor and tutor over 100 active students in our program this semester, proving that the youth in this community not only give back, they truly make a difference.

Junior League Of Mid Peninsula Community Partners:

This school year our Junior League of the Mid Peninsula helped serve over 100 active youth and families in our community through tutoring, mentoring and helping to facilitate supplemental education and literacy programming including our bi-weekly Book Clubs and monthly Game Nights at Project READ! Together we held close to 20 Book Clubs to our youngest students and parents to model literacy learning, work on improving reading skills and teaching pre-literacy crafts to both children and parents. In each Book Club we served approximately 12-20 students. This year, with the help of our Junior League partners, we piloted a new program to focus on expressive language with our students. We have noticed a great need in this area, so we created Game Night in order to find a fun and engaging way to work on the language needs of our learners. We offered 12 Game Nights this year in the Family Literacy Instructional Center. Project READ’s Junior League community tutors volunteered close to 200 hours this school year. Thank you Junior League!

Project Read Families For Literacy Story Hour:

It was another fun and engaging night with over 80 learners and their families at Project READ downtown library May Story Hour. Cotton Candy Express helped kick the night off with interactive songs, dancing and music for our families. Each family was given a beautiful family book to take home with them, and all were welcome to select their titles from our collection of books. Hands On Bay Area volunteers were on hand per usual to help our young ones create pre-literacy crafts with household or recycled materials, so they are able to duplicate these projects at home with their families.

Project Read Kids In Partnership (KIP):

Kids in Partnership Tutors and Learners Celebrate Their Year of Hard Work. As the school year approached its end, KIP pairs and small groups took the opportunity to celebrate their accomplishments with an outdoor spring carnival. Over 70 youth participated in two days of good old-fashioned fun including egg relays, three-legged races, a sponge-ball relay and smoothie making!

KIds in Partnership Award Night

KIP pairs and small groups also had the opportunity to celebrate all of their hard work and accomplishments with friends, family and school staff at our annual KIP Award Night! Over 150 students, tutors, and family members gathered at the Fair Oaks Cafeteria to celebrate the hard work and achievements of the KIP participants. Lori and RJ of Cotton Candy Express kicked the evening off with a group sing-along.Teen tutors presented each learner with a handmade, personalized award certificate highlighting their specific contributions and accomplishments during this KIP year. Likewise, staff presented each tutor with a custom-made award as a small token of our appreciation for their hard work and dedication. Teen tutors, most of whom participated in Kids In Partnership as elementary students, enjoy receiving their individualized awards.

Teen Tutors Reflect on a Year of ServiceBelow are some of the tutors’ reflections on their experiences in KIP this year:

"I love being able to help out my learner when they are stuck. The best part is when you make them understand something they had trouble with before."

“I love being able to give back to the school and I am most proud of showing my learner the importance of showing your work (in math problem solving).”

“One thing I have learned as a tutor is that everyone learns at their own pace."

"I enjoyed helping my learner with her homework, playing skill games, and jus watching her grow and develop new skills."

"I like how me and my learner were able to become friends and she was able to trust me...I also learned to be more patient and understanding.”

“I love being with my learner and showing her new things. I have learned that the little kids look up to us (teen tutors).”

“I have learned that as a teen tutor, we are seen as role models. I’ve also learned that kids are very smart.”

“Project READ – KIP has been such an amazing opportunity to give back and it has taught me so much about education and myself.”

All in all, the KIP teen tutors contributed over 1450 hours of community service to the KIP program this school year!

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