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Project READ's New Art Series for Youth and Families

Earlier this month, we kicked off a new art series with Art Hour. This program was the first in a series of events dedicated to cultivating creative thinking in young children. The theme for this series is “Art inspires us.” Children and their caregivers are briefly introduced to famous artists throughout history and some of the techniques and materials that inspired those artists. They are then given free reign to experiment with the materials in an open-ended and supportive environment.

Many children in school today do not have regular access to quality art materials, and several showed initial hesitation when faced with a new and open-ended technique. Many of them were inspired after a group reading of Peter H. Reynolds’ The Dot, in which a reluctant, young artist finds her definition of creativity and art expanded by an encouraging teacher.

Likewise, parents, staff and volunteers encouraged the studentsand watched as their reluctance transformed into confidence and joy as they let go and allowed themselves to get into the flow of creative expression.

Throughout the evening over 20 students and their parents had the opportunity to make paper lilies inspired by Diego Rivera, try their hand with circular shapes and liquid watercolors based on the work of Kandinsky, and use a variety of materials including spoons, marbles, movement and paint to create action paintings in the style of Jackson Pollock. Many of the participants were excited to donate some of their art, which will be showcased at this year’s BBQ and Awards Cere

mony in July.

Pre-teen learners contributed to the event by free hand drawing a Frida Kahlo inspired pastel mosaic that will be put together on a backdrop. Our teen learners and parents worked together to create a Diego Rivera inspired backdrop. They also collaborated on a rendition of one of River’s famous lily paintings. The paper lilies that our young learners and parents constructed will be used to decorate part of the Diego Rivera backdrop.

Come join us for the next evening in our series, Art Hour 2, Tuesday, March 1st 6:00 p.m.

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