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Families have FUN at March Story Hour!

This month close to 80 learners, families and friends joined us to celebrate National Reading Month at our monthly Story Hour. The purpose of Story Hour is to immerse our families in literacy and help build their home libraries by offering a monthly "Family Book," given to each family in attendance and creating a gallery of books for students to select from. This month our "Family Book" title was Animal Boogie.

This month our performer, Andy Z, helped engage our students in a world of imagination through his interactive show. Students joined in the adventure as they danced, sang and boogied along the way. Students then took part in three different crafts related to the book and theme of the night. An edible craft was included to help introduce health literacy; students learned how to create their own trail mix and take the recipe home to recreate with their families. (See Recipe Below).

Hands On Bay Area (HOBA) volunteers were also there to help our families create these crafts. Second Harvest Food Bank, a community partner, provided nutritious snacks including fresh cauliflower and yellow squash.

DIY Trail Mix:


  • Raisins, chocolate chips, etc.

  • Pretzels

  • Ziploc Snack Bag

  • Sharpies

  • Bowls for distributing ingredients

  • Spoons

  • Food Handling gloves


  1. Write your name on the Snack Bag with a Sharpie

  2. Go down the assembly line filling your bag with healthy goodies!

  3. Eat and enjoy!

Thank you to our community partners and volunteers!

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