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Family Fun at Story Hour!

This month's Story Hour was a fun-filled evening for our Project READ families. Over 50 children and parents came to celebrate spring and Earth Day by creating Earth-Day related crafts about our world around us. Children even created their own "Earth Day Promise," as a reminder to us all that we can do our part to help our planet and our community. Interested in trying the craft at home with your family? See below for details and directions. Or stop by Project READ to recreate it again in our Craft Zone.

Magic Dan made the evening even more magical with his interactive performance both the parents and children took part in and enjoyed. The families loved being part of the magic!

Each family was greeted by staff and given a beautiful, hard-covered book to share together at home. The Family Book this month was "One Special Day."

To continue to encourage health literacy, families were given healthy snacks provided by community partner, Second Harvest Food Bank. Families brought home bags of fresh vegetables to enjoy. A great way to spend Spring Break!

We hope to see you next month!

Earth Day Promise Craft


· Green construction paper

· Blue circle cut out

· Green paint

· Sponge for handprint

· My Earth day promise template ("My Earth Day Promise" with some lined paper)

· Glue

· Scissors

· Pencils


1. Glue blue circle onto green paper

2. Glue my earth day promise template below blue circle

3. Place hand in paint and make a handprint on blue circle to form your earth

4. Dry off hand

5. Using pencil, write your earth day promise.

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