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Thank You, Junior League!

After five years of an extraordinary community partnership, the Junior League of Palo Alto • Mid Peninsula, Inc. joined us for our last joint Book Club last week. Book Club was one of several pilot programs Project READ launched collaboratively with our Junior League volunteer tutors. What began as a community service grant, transformed into a continued community partner.

We are fortunate to have worked with so many talented and dedicated women through the Junior League and through this community grant. Fortunately, the partnership has grown over the years, and Project READ has gained numerous gifted and valuable tutors, supporters and volunteers. Now, five years later, the pilot programs started with the support of our Junior League volunteer tutors, like Book Club and Game Night, have become so well established and well attended that they remain part of our weekly program offerings.

Many of our Junior League volunteer tutors have returned year after year to part of Project READ and continue to remain valued members of our volunteer community. Looking toward the future, Project READ is excited about new experiences and collaboration with the Junior League and is grateful for the long-standing support of the Junior League tutors who have been part and remain part of our programs.

Students, staff and Junior League tutors celebrated our last Book Club of the semester by reading together and creating a craft related to the theme of the book. Then they all enjoyed a delicious pizza party hosted by our Junior League tutors! Sixteen students participated in Book Club this week. What a great end to our semester.

Thank you Junior League of Palo Alto • Mid Peninsula!

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