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Ronald McDonald House Charities of the Bay Area recognizes Project READ Teen Tutor & Project REA

Project READ- Redwood City and Jenny Cuevas, an amazing Project READ Teen tutor were recognized by Ronald McDonald House Charities of the Bay Area (RMHC).

Jenny was awarded a collage scholarship for her many volunteer hours tutoring children in the Project READ Kids in Partnership Program. Project READ was awarded a $1000 gift grant in recognition of the literacy services that directly impact the well being of children and their families from the Ronald McDonald House Charities of the Bay Area.

The award ceremony was held on May 23rd and started with the recognition of community organizations nominated by the RMHC Bay Area Scholarship Foundation. The committee selected five community organizations from the pool of organizations where their scholarship recipients have worked or volunteered in the past. Project READ Redwood City was recognized based on the many years of direct services and the successful impact to children and their families.

After acknowledging the community organizations, the committee asked all of the scholarship recipients to come up to the stage to be applauded for their accomplishments. The stage was overflowing with students! The committee gave out scholarships to 205 prospective college freshmen and continuing college students. It was a wonderful event honoring some amazing youth.

Congratulations to Jenny Cuevas for her hours donated to Project READ, her academic success and hard work to earn this scholarship and very deserved recognition.

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