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TinkerLab @ Project READ

One of our newest ways to foster exploration and creativity within our youth learners is through our TinkerLab-- a hands-on, tactile space for students to engage in art and experimentation.

Inspired by Rachelle Doorley's original TinkerLab, Project READ staff members created a space for our young learners to get creative in an authentic, meaningful and self-directed environment. The space it utilized by staff and students during programming for specific art activities, during family programing and throughout the day on a drop-in basis. Essentially, when our students get inspired!

The TinkerLab space offers a variety of art, recycled, household and craft materials for

students to dive into to tinker. Whether students want experiment in STEM based activities, build using materials found in the lab, or create their next master piece, the TinkerLab is available to them to engage their creative minds and bodies.

What you will find in the TinkerLab: (adapted from

  • child-directed projects

  • art-making prompts

  • art activities for kids

  • creative inspiration

  • science projects

  • hands-on making

  • free materials

  • free spirited fun ... and a lot of inspiration!

If you would to set up your own space in your home, ask a staff member for suggestions or check out

"Each of us is born creative, and creativity will manifest itself in so many ways — through painting, writing, inventing, experimenting, designing, singing, and building to name a few. Tapping into this creative energy can get harder as we grow out of childhood, and this space is designed as a source of inspiration for parents and educators who want to tap their creative genius with their child or children." Rachelle Doorley @

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