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Project READ Teens Make a Smart Start to Their Spring Break

Twenty-one Project READ teens, both learners and tutors, dedicated their first day of spring break to brightening their own academic futures. These teenagers chose to wake up early and board a bus full of students from a variety of local high schools in order to experience first hand the offerings of Cal State East Bay. Participants were greeted by a former long-time Project READ student and tutor, Simran, who is a current student at Cal State East Bay. She was able to share the ins and outs of navigating between Sequoia High School and a CSU, as well as the differences between living in Redwood City with family and in a college dorm room in Hayward.

Teens also enjoyed a guided campus tour, led by a Welcome Center student employee who also shared her own story of learning the ropes of higher education. They also watched the comings and goings of current students while having lunch in one of the two Student Unions. A current Resident Adviser, Adrian, led students on a tour of campus dorms, dining and laundry facilities, while sharing his story of learning to speak up for himself and network as one of the many things he’s learned so far in college. Project READ teens concluded their time on campus with a visit to the CE Smith Museum of Anthropology to view Against All Odds: Native Californian Stories of Endurance and Continuance exhibit.

The majority of Project READ students will be the first generation of college students in their families, not only improving upon their own lives, but also becoming a catalyst for change in their families and community.

Photo: Former Project READ Tutor & current Cal State East Bay student, Simran, shows her brother and twenty other Project READ teens around campus on Monday.

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