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Excerpts from a Teen Tutor

We are so fortunate to have amazing Teen Tutors to guide and mentor our youngest students. Graduation time is always bitter sweet for us here at Project READ-- excited for our teens to take on a new journey, but sad to see them leave us. One of our amazing seniors, who has been a tutor with Project READ since her freshman year, recently reflected back on her experiences. Below are some of excerpts from her reflections.

" Four years is quite a long time, but getting to meet all of those learners, and learning as much from them as they learn from me is priceless, and I honestly cannot believe next month will be my last! I just hope that I am able to keep effectively teaching these kids while I can, and that I will be able to take some of the skills I have developed through Project READ long after I leave.

Project READ also has a little ceremony to honor the volunteers at the end of the month, which was super heartwarming, especially seeing how excited the learners were for us, showing how much they actually appreciate the work we do, which is obviously never necessary, but it does feel good. Even though I still cannot believe it is over, nor how much I have changed since I first began volunteering, I will always be indebted to Project READ for how much it has taught me and changed me for the better. "

Daniela has been a constant at Project READ over the past four years, a dedicated and caring tutor and an important part of our Project READ community. She was recently honored with the Sequoia Award scholarship for her community service. Thank you, Daniela. You will be missed!

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