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I TUTOR because ... Two sisters, learners and tutors make twice the impact

Kayte and Chelcy Toscano were giggling, young girls when they first began as learners at Project READ, working with tutors and alongside other Project READ friends. As they matured, their roles transformed from learners to tutors, finally mentors. Now, both young women are college students still connected to their Project READ community.

When we recently contacted them to be a part of our Quotes Campaign, they responded with not only WHY they TUTOR, but how the experience has shaped them.

"I started as a learner in Project Read and then decided to give back and make an impact in the lives of the children by becoming a teen tutor, just like the tutors that helped me. Thanks to Project Read I was able to stay focused on my studies. Project Read has taught me as both a learner and a tutor the importance in never doubting my ability and to continue striving for my dreams."

Chelcy Toscano

California State University East Bay , Hayward

"I became a tutor because I was a Project Read learner and wanted to give back to the program that played a critical role in my life since elementary school. I learned the importance of education through Project Read and thanks to my tutors I got the education guidance I needed. Becoming a tutor allowed me to give other children the mentorship, guidance and support that I once received. Project Read was my educational foundation and without Project Read, I would not be where I am today, starting my fourth year of college."

Kayte Toscano

21 years old, University of California, Davis

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