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Family Literacy Adventure's Field Trip to the Children's Creativity Museum

Our new Family Literacy Adventures program (FLA)

cultivates creativity, innovative thinking and problem-solving skills to strengthen the foundation for literacy development. Weekend workshops provide families with opportunities to create and innovate together, focusing on literacy concepts and STEAM curriculum vital to succeed in the the future workforce. Sessions provide time, space and materials for families to explore new ideas and build creative confidence, while reinforcing literacy learning in context.

Families headed to San Francisco's Children's Creativity Museum this past weekend for an FLA hands-on field trip. Here, students got creative in the Animation Studio, learning the basics of stop motion animation from building their own clay characters to taking them to the big screen. In this case, students' completed movies were emailed to them, so their movie masterpieces can be enjoyed over and over again.

Families will continue to innovate together all summer long during our FLA workshops and field trips.

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