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Finding Gratitude and Peace in the Pod

At last week’s “Peace in a Pod,” 75 incarcerated male tutors and learners in the Choices Program at Maguire Correctional Facility explored the concept of "manhood." In small groups, participants discussed how their definitions of "manhood" evolved from childhood to adulthood and who or what influenced that positive transformation. Participants identified education, the Choices Program, addiction recovery and mentors as their catalysts for change.

Mindfulness Activity: Participants received composition notebooks and started gratitude journals. Experiencing gratitude in times of difficulty can empower and create space for hope.

Nonviolent Communication: Incarcerated students then took part in a video and discussion period about concepts related to the theme and context of the workshop. Participants practiced reflective listening to hear, understand, repeat what was heard and ask clarifying questions. Participants also explored the impact effective communication can have in conflict situations at home or in the workplace.

Many of the incarcerated students participating in our program attended under-resourced schools in underserved communities. Due to challenges they faced at home and in the classroom, most did not graduate high school. Some who did graduate may enter our program reading at the 4th or 5th grade level.

Video and Discussion: (Click on blue link to watch).

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