A Day at Facebook

A group of 19 Project READ teens were given a private tour of the Facebook campus to expose them to future opportunities and allow them to experience the many different and varied career options available at Facebook and tech companies in general. The program was spearheaded by a Project READ supporter and former tutor, who is now Facebook employee. Joining her on this project were two other Facebook employees and Project READ tutors, truly exemplifying for our students the meaning of community.

Students toured the campus then took part in virtual reality demos from

Facebook's Oculus team, one of the highlights of the day. Facebook employees led a panel discussion created specifically for our teens to address any questions the teens had about working in the tech industry. The discussion covered internship and career opportunities at Facebook, how employees apply STEAM concepts (Science, Technology, Education, Art, Math) to their everyday work and projects, and what educational paths Facebook employees have taken to get to their current role(s). The panel discussion ended with a question and answer period for our students.

Facebook even treated our students and staff to lunch on the Facebook campus. This was truly an eye- opening experience for our students and staff and helped make such a giant tech company in our community accessible to our students. We truly appreciate the hard work and coordination this took on behalf of our Facebook friends, especially Geri Gaeta, Lindsay Ferrington and Charlotte Nesbitt. Thank you to Facebook for allowing us this rare opportunity. And thank you to the Facebook employees who organized this and worked so hard behind the scenes to make this possible.

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