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Music, Movement & Stories

Our May Family Story Hour events brought together 78 children and 42 parents and caregivers, as well as 18 community volunteers. Hands On Bay Area (HOBA) volunteers helped students create crafts related to our Family Book and Mother's Day. All families went home with the award winning children's book, "Please, Louise."

Lori and RJ from Cotten Candy Express performed for our families. Students and parents danced and sang together. After the performance, students got creative with three different crafts. All students were able to chose their own book to take home to add to their home libraries.

Try one of the crafts at home with our directions below!

Flower Crinkle


  • Flower template

  • Small squares of colored tissue

  • White glue

  • Paper bowls for supplies


  1. Crinkle colored tissue

  2. Glue paper crinkles into the flower template

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