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Breathe in and READ

Over 100 people participated in this month's Family Story Hour events, including 13 volunteers from Hands On Bay Area (HOBA). What an amazing community event to kick off the summer!

In addition to selecting books to build their home libraries and taking part in pre-literacy crafts, students also learned and practiced yoga. It's Yoga Kids led the children in a series of yoga poses. All families went home with the family book give away, "A Day at the Beach."

Crafts are created to be duplicated at home using recycled and household materials. To try a craft, see the directions below.

Cellophane Whale Craft


  • Half Sheet of White Paper

  • Cellophane

  • Rubber Bands

  • White Pipe Cleaners

  • Googly Eyes

  • Craft Glue

  • Tape

  • Scissors


  1. Crumple up your white paper and stuff it inside the cellophane

  2. Close up the cellophane with a rubber band. This part is your tail!

  3. Glue your googly eyes to the front of the whale.

  4. Cut your white pipe cleaner into 3 small pieces. Twist the 3 pieces together.

  5. at the top of your whale. Use tape to support the pipe cleaner if needed.

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