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The Gift of the Holidays

Our learners, families, tutors and volunteers continue to awe and inspire us with their generosity and acts of kindness. The season of giving is truly upon us.

This year, over 100 men and 20 women in the Choices programs in the San Mateo County Jails volunteered their time and talents for our families this holiday season. These men and women created close to 200 T-shirts, and 20 baby onesies to be donated to our families at our December Family Story Hour. This is the second annual holiday donation from Project READ learners and tutors in the Choices program. The tradition began last year as a service project created by students in a Peacemakers' Alliance Critical Literacy Class, but expanded this year to include Women's Choices in the Maple Street Correctional Center. Over 500 cumulative volunteer hours were put into this project.

Using yarn and looms, the men of Choices also made 120 beanies (hats) of various sizes to donate to our families to help keep the children in our program warm this winter. Through these projects, we are able to bridge our programs and families together.

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