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Just Bead It!

The current cohort of the Peacemakers' Alliance Critical Literacy course began their service project last month, entitled "Just Bead It". This project gave all participants the opportunity to make beaded bracelets, which included words of hope and inspiration. These bracelets will be donated to two local homeless support organizations: Hope for Homeless (HOPE), and the East Palo Alto Community Counseling Clinic. The participants chose these organizations to be able to support "children who are homeless and struggling with mental illness." The cohort surpassed its initial goal of 200 bracelets.

"This is a way for us to feel involved, give hope, and show that everyone matters in our community. We chose to donate to these types of organizations because the children that they serve are the most vulnerable in our society, and their value often goes unrecognized. We have all felt like giving up at some point but have found hope through perseverance. We hope these acts of love and words of inspiration will help them not give up hope. The simplest things can make a big difference in someone’s life."

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