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Back-to-School Story Hour

It's August, time for our students to start getting ready for school again, and for our annual Back-to-School Story Hour event. This yearly event, designed to help our students and families to be prepared for the new school year ahead, brings hundreds of students, families and volunteers together. This year 135 Project READ students and families attended Story Hour, where volunteers from the community helped distribute hundreds of backpacks filled with needed school supplies.

Percussionist James Henry from Samba Samba put on an inspiring interactive musical performance, reinforcing the importance of educating our minds and souls. Children and parents danced along during the performance. All families were given the book, So Many Days as this month's Family book, while students selected books to fill their book packs from our book tables. Children also created crafts focused around school.

It is always amazing to watch our students filled with joy as they get ready to start a new year of school with their new backpacks, books and supplies.

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