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Things are getting WILD at Family Story Hour!

Our Halloween Family Story Hour was this week, and it brought together 115 children and parents for a fun and spooky night of learning. Nonprofit animal educators, Wild Things, Inc., came to educate our families about rescued wild animals and their habitats. This was truly a hands-on presentation, as students and parents were able to meet and touch the animals who came to visit.

Halloween was then main theme of the evening, and keeping with theme, all families were given the book, "Mickey's Spooky Night" to take home. Additionally, students selected books of varied genres and levels from our give-away table to continue to build their home libraries.

It wouldn't be Story Hour if we didn't end the night with crafts. Students created Halloween themed crafts to bring home and continue the Halloween celebration all month long.

Thank you to all of our generous volunteers! We'll see you all again next month.

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