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Project READ Book Club

This week we are reading the book, "I Am a Story," by Dan Yaccarino. Then stayed tuned and create a paper bag tree from home. Keeping reading and creating!

I Am a Story by Dan Yaccarino

Paper Bag Blossom Tree Craft

Paper Bag Blossom Tree Craft Directions


-Brown paper lunch bags



-Tissue paper (Fall colors)


1- Cut lunch bag into half inch strips. Start at the opening and cut half way down the bag.

2- Open bag and stand it up.

3- Hold base of bag with one hand and twist the middle of bag to create the trunk of the tree.

4- Twist two of the bag strips together to create branches.

5- Pick out a couple of tissue paper squares, crumple them, and glue them all over the branches of the tree.

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