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Welcome back to Book Club. This week we are reading, The Night Before Kindergarten written by Natasha Wing and illustrated by Julie Durrell. Then Join along for our fall themed craft.

The Night Before Kindergarten

Paper Strip Pumpkin Craft

Paper Strip Pumpkin Craft Directions


  • One sheet of paper with orange strips

  • Green paper for leaves and vines

  • Green pipe cleaner

  • Hole puncher

  • Scissors


  1. Cut out your orange strips of paper.

  2. Stack your pumpkin strips into a nice neat pile and hole punch the ends.

  3. Next, you will want to feed the pipe cleaner through the holes.

  4. Now you simply slide your papers down the pipe cleaner until you get a nice round shape. Then you start spreading open your paper strips–fanning them to create your pumpkin shape.

  5. Before you finish the top, you will need to cut your leaves and vines on the green paper.

  6. Next, hole punch your leaves and stem on the end.

  7. Wrap your vines around a pencil to make them curly.

  8. Now slide your vines and leaves onto the top of your pumpkin.

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