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Project READ Book Club: Just a Mess

Welcome back! This week we are reading the book, Just a Mess by Mercy Mayer-- a book about a little boy who needs to clean his room in order to find his things. We all can relate to that. Then join along as we create Earth Day hearts to celebrate Earth Day. Enjoy!

Just a Mess

Earth Day Heart Craft

Earth Day Heart Craft Directions


  • -Earth-heart template

  • -Purple paper

  • -Scissors

  • -Pencil

  • -Glue

  • -Marker pens, colored pencils or crayons


  • -Color the Earth-heart using your marker pens, colored pencils or crayons

  • -Using scissors, cut it out

  • -Using a pencil, trace your hands on the purple paper

  • -Then cut out your hands

  • -Put your hand cut outs next to each other with your thumbs facing out

  • -Then glue your Earth-heart to your hand cut outs

-Happy Earth Day!

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