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Project READ Book Club: Travel & Adventure from Home

Welcome back to Book Club! Join us from home as we read, as we learn about traveling to new places in the book, IslandBorn written by Junot Díaz and illustrated by Leo Espinosa. Then grab some toilet paper rolls to create your own set of binoculars to begin your own adventures at home!


Safari Binoculars Craft

Safari Binoculars


  • Toilet paper rolls

  • String

  • Markers

  • Feathers, sequins, pompoms

  • Glue


1. Decorate your toilet paper rolls using the feathers, sequence, pompoms and markers.

2. Take a pre-cut piece of yarn and weave it through the holes.

3. Tie the yarn off at the end.

4. Use your binoculars to find your animals!

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