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Project READ's Book Club: A Chip Off the Old Block

Welcome back to our virtual Book Club. This week we are reading, A Chip Off the Old Block by Jody Jensen Shaffer. Then join along as we create clothespin birds together. Thanks for joining!

A Chip Off the Old Block

Clothespin Bird Craft

Clothespin Bird Directions




-Googly eyes

-Face template

-Colored markers


-Scrap paper (optional)

-Scissors (optional)


  1. Select a clothespin and color all surfaces with a color of your choice

  2. Pick out feathers for your bird and glue onto clothespin

  3. Glue on face template or googly eyes (your choice)

  4. Cut out nose from scrap paper (if you use the googly eyes)

  5. Perch your bird onto a tree :)

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