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Project READ's Book Club: Alan's Big Scary Teeth

Welcome back to our virtual Book Club. This week we are reading, Alan's Big Scary Teeth, written by Jarvis. Then join along from home as we learn about the human body... not just Alan's teeth. Enjoy!

Alans Big Scary Teeth

Human Body Book Craft

My Human Body Systems Book


-My Body Systems template

-Colored pencils or crayons


-Stapler or tape


-Write your name on the first page and color in your body as you look on the outside

-On page 2, use your multicultural crayons to color your skin tone as you see yourself

-On page 3, color in your muscles a red tone

-On page 4, use pink and red tones to color in your stomach, liver and intestines

-On page 5, color your bones a white or yellow tone

-On page 6, color your brain a light pink tone

-On page 7, use a blue or red tone to color your lungs

-On page 8, use a red and blue tone to color your heart, veins and blood

-If you wish, cut each page in half, stack in number order and then staple/tape together to form a packet

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