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Project READ's Literacy Bag Live: Babies Ruin Everything

This week we are reading, Babies Ruin Everything, written by Matthew Swanson and illustrated by Robbi Behr. Join along as we read this funny book about how a new baby can change the family dynamic. Then stick around and grab your art supplies as we create an owl of our very own.

Babies Ruin Everything

Owl Craft

Owl Craft Materials & Directions


  • brown dog body rectangle template or brown paper

  • white sheet with face, tail, tongue, ears and legs template or white paper

  • gluestick or glue

  • scissors

  • crayons

  • colored pencils or markers


  1. color the ears, legs, tongue and tail templates however you like

  2. cut them out

  3. cut a long thin rectangle for the dogs body from the brown paper

  4. fold the dog's body accordion style, forward, then backward Assemble the dog:

  5. make a fold on the leg rectangles to give your dog paws for standing

  6. glue the legs on the body

  7. glue the tongue onto the underside of the mouth so it looks like it's sticking out

  8. glue the ears to the backside of the head

  9. glue the head piece to the top of the front legs

  10. glue the tail to the back of the dog

Enjoy your new pet and read it a story!!

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