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Project READ's Literacy Bag Live: Fox Versus Fox

This week we are reading the book, Fox Versus Fox by Corey R. Tabor, where two different foxes compare their likeness and differences. Then we can create and play our own BINGO game. Just grab your art supplies, follow the directions below, and enjoy!

Fox Versus Fox

Drawing BINGO Game

From home you'll need:


Crayons or colored pencils (optional)


Paper to fold into a bingo board or use the template if you have a LBL bag.

Now let’s get started:

Let's try a few drawing prompts together.

You can use these prompts anyway you'd like to practice creative drawing.

For now, we'll use this 'spinner' to select our first drawing prompt:

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Ashley Jaz
Ashley Jaz
12 de jul.

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