Project READ's Virtual Book Club: A Mother for Choco

Welcome back readers! This week we are reading the book, A Mother for Choco written by Keiko Kasza. Then grab a coffee filter and some paint or washable markers for our craft, a Coffee Filter Peacock Craft. Enjoy!

A Mother for Choco

Coffee Filter Peacock Craft

Coffee Filter Peacock Directions


-Coffee filter

-Clothes pin

-Peacock template

-Marker pens

-Water colors

-Water and paintbrush




-Using your water colors, color your coffee filter with many bright colors

-Wait for it to dry

-While it’s drying, color your peacock template using your marker pens

-Cut out your peacock template

-Glue it down to your clothespin

-Take your coffee filter and fold it in half

-Attach the clothespin to your coffee filter

-Watch your colorful bird move!

**If you don’t have water color paints, color your peacock with marker pens. Then take water and brush it on the coffee filter and watch it transform!

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