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Project READ's Virtual Book Club: Elsie

Welcome back as begin to celebrate the start of Chinese New Year. As part of this celebration we are creating New Year Red Envelopes to signify good fortune or good luck. This week we are reading, Elsie written by Nadine Robert.

Chinese New Year Red Envelope

Chinese New Year Red Envelope Craft Directions

During Chinese New Year, money or coins are often placed in a red envelope. The color red is considered an auspicious color. Add coins, a special card or candy to share with someone you care about.


-Envelope template on red paper

-White, gold or brown marker pen or crayon

-Tape or glue


-Cut out the envelope along the solid black lines

-Fold the paper along the dotted lines

-Tape or glue down the edges so the envelope won’t open

-Using your marker pen or crayon, color a tiger (2022 is the year of the tiger) or any animal or symbol you wish

-Add a special note, candy or coins to give to someone special

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