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Project READ's Virtual Book Club (LBL): Little Home Bird

Welcome back. We're embracing spring this month, and this week we are reading, Little Home Bird written by Jo Empson. We are also creating a chick craft to go along with our book. We're so glad you joined us.

Little Home Bird

Chick Craft

Popsicle Chick Craft


-Popsicle sticks

-Googly eyes

-Chick feet

-1 beak


-Yellow marker and orange marker



-With your yellow marker color in the popsicle sticks

-Color in your beak and feet with your orange marker

-Glue your popsicle sticks together

-Glue the feet behind the popsicle sticks

-Glue the feathers behind your popsicle sticks

-Glue your googly eyes to the popsicle sticks along with the beak

Now you have a popsicle chick!!

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