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Project READ's Virtual Book Club (LBL): Snow Angel, Sand Angel

This week we are celebrating the winter season through the eyes of a Hawaiian child. This week's book, Snow Angel, Sand Angel, written by Lois-Ann Yamanaka and illustrated by Ashley Lukashevsky takes place in Hawaii. Let's read about winter in the sun and snow. Then grab your craft supplies to build your own snowman out of paper and your imagination. Join along!

Snow Angel, Sand Angel

Snowman Craft

Snow Person Craft Directions:

Now we have a chance to make our own snow person, out of paper this time :)

  • You’ll need:

    • Circle templates on white paper

    • Blue paper (as a background)

    • Googly eyes

    • Beans

    • buttons

    • Orange paper (for nose)

    • Black paper (for hat)

    • Scissors

    • Glue

    • Markers or colored pencils (optional - to add to the background)

Let’s look at how to do this:

  • Cut out the white circle templates (or color them brown if you prefer a sand person)

  • Glue the circles onto the background paper

  • Glue buttons to the larger part of the snow person’s body

  • Cut out a small triangle for the carrot nose

  • Add the beans to make the mouth

  • Add the googly eyes

  • Use markers or crayons to add details to your sand/snow person’s background or setting

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