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Project READ's Virtual Book Club (LBL): Space Cows by Eric Seltzer

Welcome back! This week we are reading the book, Space Cows by Eric Seltzer. Then we are diving into a space craft project ourselves. Enjoy!

Space Cows

Straw Rockets

Straw Rockets: This is a fun exploration of air and

the force of our breath. Experiment with modifying

the nose cone to make the rocket fly further.


  • Straws

  • Post It Notes

  • Tape (clear)

  • Scissors

Post-it (easy method):

Roll a Post-it around the end of a straw and self-seal it shut.

Fold the end into a point.


No Post-it:

Cut a square from the paper template, or cut out your own

square, roughly 3” x 3” (7.5 cm x 7.5 cm).

Tape it loosely around the end of a straw.

Bend the tip into a point and tape shut.


Fancy Nose:

Cut out a small circle (shown in image to the right).

Cut a slit across the radius, stopping in the middle.

Twist the circle into a cone.

Tape in place

Tape to the rolled paper.

Make different sizes or noses and test out which straw

rocket goes the furthest.

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