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Project READ's Virtual Book Club (Literacy Bag Live): Mercy Watson

Welcome to another week of Book Club. This week we are reading, Mercy Watson to the Rescue, written by Kate DiCamillo and illustrated by Chris Van Dusen. Join along as we listen to the story and craft!

Mercy Watson to the Rescue

Drawing With Chris Van Dusen

Paper Plate Necklace

Paper Plate Necklace


-Paper plate






-Marker pens (optional)


-Using your scissors, cut down along the ribbed portion of your paper plate until you meet the smooth part of the plate (about 1.5 inches).

-Continue to cut out the smooth portion of the plate. Soon you should cut out a circle.

-Decorate the edges of the plate using your feathers, sequins and pompoms (color your paper plate at this time if you wish).

-Wrap it around your neck and enjoy your new jewelry!

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