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Project READ's Virtual Book Club: The Rough Patch

Welcome back for this week's Book Club (Literacy Bag Live). This week we are reading, The Rough Patch by Brian Lies. Then grab some marshmallows and build a snowman with us- a yummy edible craft!

The Rough Patch

Marshmallow Snowman

Marshmallow Snowperson



-Mini chocolate chips


-Lollipop stick


-Stack your two marshmallows onto the lollipop stick

-Take two pretzel sticks and stick them onto the sides of the second marshmallow (as arms)

-Take three mini chocolate chips and stick

them into the second marshmallow to form buttons

-Take two mini chocolate chips and stick them onto the top of the first marshmallow (as eyes)

-Then take your remaining chocolate chips and place them under the eyes to form a mouth

-Lastly, take the remaining pretzel stick and break off a piece to use as the nose (share this stick with the other snowpeople in your bag)

-Enjoy your snowperson as a decoration or eat it with your hot chocolate!

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