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Project READ's Virtual Story Hour: Hive Five

Welcome back! This week we are reading a fun book titled, High Five written by Adam Rubin and illustrated by Daniel Salmieri. Then join along for our craft!

Hive Five

Learning How to Hive Five

4th of July - Popsicle Stick Star

4th of July - Popsicle Stick Star


-5 popsicle sticks

-Colored markers (red and blue)



-Using your colored markers, color two sticks blue, two sticks red and the last stick will be left uncolored (or white if you have it)

-Arrange the sticks into a star like in the picture

-Slowly lift up each corner and place a dab of glue underneath so they will stick together

-Let it dry for a few minutes before picking up your star

-Happy 4th of July!

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