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Project READ Virtual Book Club: BATS AT THE BEACH

This week we are reading, BATS AT THE BEACH by Brian Lies. If you have a popsicle stick or pencil at home, grab one with some crayons or markers and scissors to create a bat of your own. Thanks for joining!


Popsicle Stick Bat

Popsicle Stick Bat


-Popsicle stick

-Wing, teeth and ears template

-Googly eyes



-Black marker pen


-Using your black marker pen, color the wings, ears and popsicle stick

-Cut out the wings, ears and teeth

-Glue down the wings to the back of the popsicle stick

-Glue down the googly eyes and teeth to the top, front of the popsicle stick

-Glue down the ears behind the googly eyes

-Watch your bat fly!

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