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Project READ Virtual Book Club: Narwhal's Otter Friend

Welcome back this week. We will be reading, Narwhal's Otter Friend written by Ben Clanton. Then join along as we create our own Narwhal craft. Enjoy!

Narwhal's Otter Friend

Narwhal Craft

Narwhal and Jelly Under the Sea


-Narwhal template

-Jellyfish template

-Blue paper



-Colored marker pens




-Color and then cut out the Narwhal and Jellyfish templates

-Glue sequins to your Narwhal’s horn

-Then glue the Narwhal onto the blue paper

-Glue the yarn to the back of your jellyfish to form tentacles

-Glue the body of the jellyfish to the blue paper next to the Narwhal

-Add sequins to the ocean if you wish

-Watch Narwhal and Jelly swim !

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