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Project READ Virtual Book Club: WORM WEATHER

Fall is here, bringing a change of weather. Next time you have a rainy day, think of the book we're reading today. Today's book is WORM WEATHER By Jean Taft and Matt Hunt. After, please join along with our fall craft.


Autumn Whirligig

Autumn Whirligig


-Brown template



-Hole Puncher

-Leaf template


-Marker pens or crayons (red, yellow, orange, and brown)


-Cut out the template so you have a circle

-Then cut along the black line from the outside of the circle until you end up at the center of your circle

-Hole punch the inner part of the circle

-Tie your string through the hole

-Color your leaves using your marker pens

-Cut out and glue down the leaves to the tree

-Hang your paper tree!

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