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Stories & STEAM

Welcome back to another episode of Stories & STEAM. This week we are talking about and experimenting with keeping our oceans clean and safe. Our book this week is called, Save the Ocean by Bethany Stahl. Then we experiment at home with our version of an oil spill, so we can see first hand how difficult it is to clean the ocean after an oil spill. Enjoy and learn!

Save Our Ocean

Oil Spill Experiment

Oil Spill Experiment Directions




-Dirt (optional)



-Clear tray

-Container for soap

-Soap and water mixed


  1. Add water, oil and dirt to your clear tray. Make sure to mix!

  2. Add your toys or rocks and mix.

  3. Move the toys around and pick one to clean up.

  4. Add the toy to your soapy water and try to clean the oil off.

  5. Continue step 4 until all your toys are squeaky clean.

  6. Oil spills affect many animals and as you can see it can be hard to clean the oil off.

  7. Let's keep our oceans clean.




-Suciedad (opcional)



-Bandeja transparente

-Envase para jabón

-Jabón y agua mezclados


  1. Agrega agua, aceite y suciedad a tu bandeja transparente. ¡Asegúrate de mezclar!

  2. Agrega tus juguetes o piedras y mezcla.

  3. Mueva los juguetes y elija uno para limpiar.

  4. Agregue el juguete a su agua jabonosa e intente limpiar el aceite.

  5. Continúe con el paso 4 hasta que todos sus juguetes estén absolutamente limpios.

  6. Los derrames de petróleo afectan a muchos animales y, como puede ver, puede ser difícil limpiar el aceite.

  7. Hay que mantener limpios nuestros océanos.

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