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Our Misson

Project READ fuels the fire of hope through literacy. We believe literacy is a human right, the foundation of learning, opportunity and success.

Established in 1987, Project READ is a free, volunteer-based literacy program serving adults, children and families. We are a four-time award-winning organization committed to providing literacy training throughout our diverse community. Tutoring lessons are student-centered, focusing on reading, writing and critical thinking skills and are supported by the generous help of our volunteers. Our intergenerational programs are designed to break the cycle of low literacy by surrounding adults, youth and families with literacy services that promote education and a lifelong love of learning.

Population Served

Project READ’s adult and youth programs are committed to the literacy needs of our community, focusing on unincorporated Redwood City, the North Fair Oaks area and Redwood City’s most underserved neighborhoods and schools. One in five adults in Redwood City reads below an 8th grade level and more than 38% of school-aged children fail to complete the 12th grade. Within the North Fair Oaks area, where the majority of our children, teens and families live, there are few options available for after-school activities in safe and supportive educational environments.


  • Provide youth services to 350 academically at-risk students, grades 1 – 12

  • Provide adult services to 400 adults in the community and correctional facilities

  • Increase reading skills by an average of 3.0 grade levels in one year

  • Train 150 new volunteer tutors

  • Distribute 3,000 children’s books to help build home libraries of the families in our program

  • Increase grades of students in the Project READ programs and offer a safe and supportive learning environment. 

  • Provide early literacy activities for children whose parents are receiving tutoring and who do not have access to pre-school. 

  • Provide teen students who have been identified by schools as academically at-risk with tutoring, mentoring and opportunities to graduate from high school or earn their GED, attend college and improve their career options.

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