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Family Literacy Programs

Family Literacy & Enrichment

At Project READ, we believe it is important to engage the whole family in literacy learning, a central component of our holistic learning approach. At our Family Literacy Instructional Center, families are able to work together on improving literacy skills through tutoring services, reading, game play, technology and art. Families participate in weekend workshops focusing on literacy concepts and STEAM curriculum, as well as monthly Story Hours, where parenting resources and high-quality children's books are given to build home libraries. Through entertainment and pre-literacy crafts, parents learn how to read aloud to their children and how to use everyday materials to create educational activities at home. In our weekly Book Clubs program students and their families are immersed in reading, art and experimentation. Led by tutors, children and their parents work on reading together and engaging in related activities to build fundamental literacy skills: comprehension, sequencing and vocabulary development. Field trips thematically linked to books, further deepen the reading experience.

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