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A Family Literacy Story

Local children’s author, Samantha Vamos is not the only literacy advocate in her family. Vamos’s son, Jackson is very much a part of our Project READ community. Jackson is a teen tutor in our youth literacy program, where he works with a third grade boy in our program. It is inspiring to see families committed to literacy and giving back to our community. Samantha Vamos and Jackson donated five of her children’s books to Project READ in support of our youth programs and the work Jackson is doing. Staff was excited to be able to talk with this well-known author and learn more about her and her books.

Among her book donations, we received The Cazuela, The Piñata, Alphabet Boats, Alphabet Trucks and Alphabet Trains. Jackson gifted a few of his mom’s books to his learner to read together and to help build his home library. This joint collaboration of mother and son came at the perfect time to help celebrate the holidays. Thank you, Vamos Family!

To learn more about Samantha Vamos and her books, visit her website below. There are activity and coloring pages to go with the books on her site as well.

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