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Project READ Book Club: Chinese New Year

Welcome back to Book Club. This week are reading, learning and crafting about Chinese New Year. Follow along at home as we hear the book, My First Chinese New Year, written by Karen Katz. Then join along at home as we create our on paper lanterns. Enjoy!

My First Chinese New Year - By Karen Katz

Paper Lantern Craft

Chinese Paper Lantern

Paper hanging lanterns have been used for both light and worship for centuries in China and will be used in the Chinese New Year celebration on February 12.


-Red paper

-Yellow pipe cleaner


-Tape or stapler

-Hole puncher


-Fold red paper in half the long way

-Using your scissors, cut the paper along the fold but not all the way to the edge (see picture)

-Then open your paper and fold it in half the short way

-Staple or tape the top edges together

-Fan out the folded cuts

-Hole punch the two sides at the top

-Wrap your pipe cleaner through to form a handle

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