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Project READ's Virtual Book Club: Madeline Finn and The Library Dog

Welcome back! This week we are reading, Madeline Finn and The Library Dog written by Lisa Pap. Then grab a paper plate and some art supplies to create you very own ornament.

Madeline Finn and The Library Dog

Paper Plate Ornament Craft

Paper Plate Ornament Directions


-Paper plate

-Tissue paper cut outs

-Black paper



-Glue/Glue stick

-Tape (optional)


  1. Using your glue stick, glue down the tissue paper pieces onto the paper plate

  2. Then, cut the black paper to the size you’d like

  3. Tape or glue it on the back side

  4. Tape or glue the string to the top of the black square

  5. Now you can hang your ornament!

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