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Project READ Virtual Book Club: Share Your Rainbow

This week we are reading an exciting new book titled, Share Your Rainbow-- a book where 18 artists draw their hope for the future. This book was inspired by kids across the country displaying rainbows in their windows during COVID-19 to show their support of front-line workers. Illustrators come together to imagine everything these rainbows represent: caring for one another, and our hopes for the future. Each illustration has a hidden rainbow for kids to find! Proceeds from this book go to the World Central Kitchen to help people in need all over the world. Join along as we create a butterfly from a toilet paper roll, then share your own rainbow by posting your picture with the hashtag #ShareYourRainbow.

Share Your Rainbow

World Central Kitchen

Buttery Toilet Paper Roll Craft

Butterfly Toilet Paper Roll


-Half cut toilet paper roll

-Butterfly wing template

-Black paper

-Black pipe cleaner

-Googly eyes




-Colored pencils, crayons or marker pens


  1. Take your black paper and wrap it around your toilet paper roll. Secure it with tape.

  2. Color your butterfly wings and cut them out

  3. Tape or glue your wings to the back side of the toilet paper roll

  4. Take your pipe cleaner and fold it in half. Curl the tops of the pipe cleaner. Tape the bottom to the inside of the toilet paper roll for the butterfly’s antenna

  5. Glue the googly eyes to the front of the toilet paper roll

  6. Watch your butterfly fl

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